Fluid Relationships

public - created 11/10/04
So you've heard of polyamory and read the Ethical Slut and other books about the topic and found that somehow it's not quite it for you? Perhaps it's the idea of having many boyfriends and/or girlfriends, like trying to sqeeze many monogamous relationships in your life. Perhaps it's the idea of dealing with all those boundaries, setting them, crossing them, checking-in and all that.

Fluid Relationships is about having relationships that ebbs and flows much like ballroom dancing. Sometimes you're dancing tango, sometimes you're dancing the waltz. Sometimes you're dancing with the same partner for 5 songs, sometimes for one or less. In any case, it all works since there is always the next song to dance to and always another partner to dance with. And yet, each dance partner is precious and beautiful in their own way, for in sharing this dance with you, while being present with you step after step, they offer you the most amazing gift of all: the gift of sharing a bit of their life with you.

Fluid Relationships is for all those who want an abundance of love, openess, juiciness, sex, intimacy (not just the usual kind!), passionate living and friendship. It is for all who value presence and sharing in their relationship, for from these two a true deep intimate connection can be created, and from that, anything is possible.

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